Jake Cho


Jake Cho has been admitted into legal practice in 2018 and has practised in general law, with his focuses being in Property Law, Commercial Law and in Estate Planning.

In Property and Commercial Law, Jake has assisted clients ranging from those acquiring their first home or business to large scale developers and franchisors, in matters relating to Leases, Residential and Commercial Contracts. He has also assisted his clients in more complex commercial ventures including corporate restructures and shareholder agreements.

In Estate Planning, Jake has assisted clients with complex family law histories, business owners and holders of companies, family trusts and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. He has worked with his clients to prepare the best solutions for his clients, including the preparation of testamentary trusts, power of attorneys and binding death benefit nominations to ensure that his clients achieve their long-term goals.

Jake’s core value is in his communication and helping his clients in a solution-based, practical manner and making the legal system as accessible as possible.